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A Campervan Christmas

Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier each year. It’s only October and we have already seen Christmas advertisement! When I was young Christmas started in December and was a time for family and fun. Now unless you are the family from the Iceland and Mark’s and Spencers adverts Christmas has become a highly stressful time of the year, with increased pressure to prove how much you love each other by how much you spend on each other!

We realised the things you don’t need to have a happy and merry Christmas are;

  • The Queen’s speech and million’s of TV re-runs

  • Ridiculously excessive amounts of food

  • Endless amounts of presents that you don’t need, want or will ever use

  • The rush and stress of Christmas shopping

  • Party hats, Christmas cards and lot’s of tacky decorations

Things you do need are;

  • To be with loved ones

  • Good food, whatever it may be a Christmas dinner or a BBQ on the beach

  • Lots of laughs

Christmas should be simple, you do not have to do what the shops, adverts, magazines and general population tell you you should. We recommend you take Christmas back to basics, cut out the nonsense and concentrate to the things that really matter. One of the ways to do that is escape in your motorhome to an amazing location, have a simple but beautiful dinner and a relaxing few days away from the madness that has become the norm for this time of year.

What you may not realise is that many campsites stay open all year. Rather than gorge yourself until you feel ill and then lay flat on the sofa watching rubbish on the TV all evening, imagine stepping out of the door and walking on a gorgeous sandy beach, or through a beautiful snow covered forest, a couple of drinks in a little village pub in front of a crackling fire.

These are some of the things we have done in recent years. We recommend that you should join us in our decision to forsake greed, gluttony and consumerism at this time of year and return Christmas to what it should be.