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This is the blog of a British couple who threw away there ‘normal’ life, the house, the mortgage, the job and all the stuff that comes with it, for a different way of living – a nomadic life.

Its not always the easiest way of living, but it is a much more rewarding, simpler, happier life.

Many people ask us about our life and the reaction is usually a positive one “wow! I wish I could do that.” and the truth is, they can. Its often just a case of getting past the fear of leaving your old life behind, the fear of a lack of security and the realisation that all that stuff you have collected is simply holding you back. It sounds intimidating but its much easier than many people think.

This blog is an attempt to document our life, our attempt at escaping the system. You can find out about what we see as our Awesome life, find out where we are now, read reviews of some of the gear we use, make use of our how to guides, get inspiration on places to go and hopefully be inspired to set yourselves free and find your own version of a nomadic, awesome life!

Throughout our journey we explore the UK in our camper van and the world with a rucksack. We experience many different environments and pastimes. From the desserts of North Africa to the jungles of Asia, the high Alps of France and Italy to the tropical reefs of the Caribbean. We go kayaking and mountain biking in Scotland, canyoning in the Dominican republic, snowboarding in the Rhodope mountains. We see elephants, turtles, whales, white tail eagles, humming birds, we track wolves through the Pyrenees and so much more.

So join us on our journey and see where it takes us.

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