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Choose Life (No Going Back)

Choose life. Choose a job, choose a career, choose a family, choose a big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disk players and electric tin openers……

Funny thing life, or what passes for it in most cases. From being an infant and forced to go to the brain washing centres we call ‘schools’ where there is no chance of an independent thought. All they really teach is that it’s someone else that sets the tasks, how to repeat things parrot fashion and to submit to authority. Parental pressure then sends young adults for an even better brainwashing and a life of debt to universities, then a job or even better a life long career. Fast forward a little and its nine to five, five day a week slavery. Oh but its OK because there is Sunday DIY store trips to look forward to, maybe if your lucky even the garden centre. OOOOOHHHHHH the excitement. Well, we have to make that very expensive box we bought to live in all pretty now don’t we? That is in fact what life is about isn’t it? Buying the biggest most expensive box you can and filling it with stuff. Whoever has the most stuff at the end wins right?

Choose Life- Nomadic life guide

Which leads me to the status symbols. A sixty inch plasma high def blue ray surround sound is an absolute must to watch the fear porn (news) on. Yes we have various things to be terrified of, be it Ebola, swine flu, you could choose any of the various, mostly made up boogey men to be terrified of too, the possibilities are endless here in our proud country of Dumbfukistan, Maybe, if your life is so boring you have to live it through someone else’s then soaps may be your thing? Incapable of rational thought? Then reality TV is for you. Just do us one thing and make sure you don’t EVER think for yourselves or read a book.

Choose Life- Nomadic life guide

Your going to need transport to get you to that all important career that pays for all this good stuff, choose a big expensive, shiny one. A fancy paint job, leather seats and every gadget and gizmo that’s available, your going to need it all. The most important thing is that its better that your neighbours. Go on, show people how successful you are, here’s your chance.

Friends. Not ones that you actually see duh, friends these days are on facebook. At least 500 are needed, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen them in 20 years and didn’t like them then, they will get your numbers up and numbers mean popularity of course. Tell them every intricate detail of your life and hope they all approve because how are you going to feel if they don’t? Make sure you give facebook all your personal data too, its not like it was created by the C.I.A as a spying tool and Mark Zukaberg called people “dumb f**king animals” for databasing themselves on it.

Now, your image. This is one of the most important things to get right in Dumbfukistan. Your clothes are better if they have a label on them. It does not matter that they are exactly the same as the ones without the label, they are worth ten times the price I promise. The important thing is that you, and your oh so strong sense of self will feel better. You got to smell nice too in Dumbfukistan, normal stuff wont do either. As usual, its the more expensive the better. Choose one with a big expensive TV ad. The bigger the label, the more respect you will get. Obviously. Want her to marry you? You should buy her a massive diamond, because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a superficial and overvalued rock clawed from the guts of the earth by African slave labour.

Choose Life- Nomadic life guide

As you read this you may have detected a hint of sarcasm and you would be right. I choose life, I am nomadic, a full time traveller, and I think travel is capable of changing a person in an immeasurable amount of ways. I could never, ever go back, to a ‘normal’ way of living. I change all the time, I am not the person I was a year ago never mind five. In many ways though, I’m not so different. I’m sat here in my office which is similar to yours except mine has no walls and the ceiling looks to be very high from here. It is half past midnight, my back is against a granite Tor in the middle of Dartmoor, Southern England, the whole moor is lit by what seems to be an impossible amount of stars. I can see the lights of towns from here. I feel sad for the people who have to go slaving in the morning for a boss they hate just to pay for the necessities of life here in Dumbfukistan. Bill Hicks said that “if you want to get the measure of any society then look at the drugs it uses. In our own, its coffee Monday to Friday to make you a productive member of society, then at the weekend its alcohol to make you forget that you are a slave.”

Choose Life- Nomadic life guide

Sarcasm aside and in short, I look at some of the people I meet as the living dead. I hear about their lives and wonder what the point of their existence is. I think that I would rather die than swap lives with them. Maybe you think this makes me a bad person, I don’t care because many people who live in the Western countries are ignorant, dumb sheep that will have nothing but ‘should haves’ to think about at the end of their petty little lives. At least I can’t be accused of that. None of this means that I don’t care about them though, I care immensely and I wish it were different for them. I wish they could see clearly what is really important and that this life does not last forever. I really wish they would. It is why I wrote this article, its not like that I was not like them once.

Having seen some of the world, one thing that has become apparent to me is that here in the Western world we have opportunities that are not available elsewhere. Yet we do not take advantage of them. We would rather be consumed by the fear of everything and anything. Rampant consumerism ruins both us and the Earth. I think its time to change, and this rant of mine is designed as a wake up call.

If you do decide to break free of the nonsense and choose life, in whatever form that takes for you, for me at least, it is a one way street. There is no going back.

Choose Life- Nomadic life guide

We are not yet totally free, the aim of this blog is to make us enough money to live on so that we can be. We write articles that we think will get us lots of hits and yet, this one is different. I don’t think many will read this, but of the few who do, if one of them recognises anything of themselves in it and decides to change it, then it was worth my effort. Choose life and set yourselves free my friends.

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Choose Life- Nomadic life guide