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Easy make home-made non toxic toiletries

All supermarket, chemist, commercial toiletries these days contain some seriously nasty stuff. From aluminium in deodorant to fluoride in toothpaste and DEET mosquito repellent. This crap causes cancer with a capital C and needs to be avoided. One way of doing this is by going to a posh health shop and handing over huge amounts of cash for the non toxic versions, another is to make your own using simple, cheap, natural ingredients. Here’s our recipes.


You need – a glass jar, coconut oil, peppermint oil, sodium bicarbonate (must be aluminium free) and water.

Put a sauce pan with a little water in on the stove on a low heat and put the jar in it. Put into the jar a couple of spoonful’s of coconut oil and wait until it melts. Add a few drops of peppermint oil and a couple of spoonful’s of sodium bicarb and a tiny bit of water. Mix well. Remove jar and shake well every couple of minutes until mixture cools and sets. Done. Great tasting, cheap, and more effective than the store bought junk.

home-made toiletries - nomadic life guide

home-made toiletries


You need – Witch hazel, essential oils that you like. (we use a mixture of orange, lemon, lime and also a little tea-tree because its anti bacterial.

Simply mix the ingredients into a spray bottle, 80% witch hazel, 20% your choice of oils. Shake before use. How easy was that?

Mosquito repellent

Our recipe is not only cheap, it is by FAR AND AWAY the most effective repellent we have ever used. It has worked in jungles across the world and even repels the infamous Scottish midge.

You need – Witch hazel, eucalyptus essential oil, citronella essential oil.

Similar to the deodorant, but the proportions are varied depending how big the threat of mosquito’s is. For areas where malaria is a risk, use 50% witch hazel, 50% oils. Less oil can be used when the threat is lower. Easy, effective and smells kind of nice too.