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Klean Kanteen Review

We have had our Klean Kanteen water bottles for a few months now, they have been used and abused on mountains, beaches, moors, bogs and in forests. Over the years we have been through quite a number of water bottles, far too many to be honest. In frustration we thought we would throw a good amount of money at the problem in the hope that it would go away, and it has!

These bottles are extremely strong, designed to take a lifetimes worth of bumps, bashes and scratches. They can be used anywhere from the wilderness to your yoga class. Klean Kanteen say their mission is to reduce the number of plastic bottles in the oceans and their #bringyourown campaign encourages there use in the gym to, reducing paper cup usage. Packaging is simple and recyclable. 1% of sales go towards environmental conservation and education. All the sustainability boxes checked then.

Cap wise, they are totally leak-proof, it doesn’t matter if it ends up upside-down in your pack, your gear is going to stay dry. The Bamboo cap is a thing of beauty too, the only down side being that if you need a drink at night in your tent, you WILL wake your partner. It is simply impossible to open quietly!

These bottles have rounded internal corners making cleaning easier and the 8/18 stainless steel is not coated in any way, meaning you don’t have to worry about poisoning your body with toxic BPA or your brain with aluminium. The interior does not retain or impart flavours.

Weight is reasonable for a stainless bottle, the only time they may be inappropriate is when taking part in ultralight events.

Price wise, they are kind of sharp when you consider it is just a water bottle, but when you think about the lifetime guarantee, they start to look much more reasonable. We have spent good money on bottles before, only for them to break after a year.

Functionality wise both bottles are impossible to fault. The bottles are of exceptional quality and offer a well-researched balance between weight and durability. Both of our Klean Kanteen bottles look amazing with there brushed steel finish and if you take care of them, they will last a lifetime.

Performance 9/10

Design 10/10

Value for money 10/10

Overall rating 10/10 Functional, good looking, high quality and sustainable.

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