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Put suncream on, drink lots of water, exercise on the flight. Yada yada yada. We have all heard it all before and don’t need talking to like we are children. This article is different and hopefully you will learn something useful. We have had a deep interest in natural medicine for nearly a decade and since learning about it and taking control of our own health, we have never been so healthy. We recommend you do the same.

Insect repellent

Many articles will tell you “insect repellent must contain DEET”. I’m here to tell you that insect repellents must not contain DEET. DEET is a poison, it has been linked time and again to neurological damage. It can damage all kinds of synthetic items, from flipflops to water bottles. It can take off your nail polish or disintegrate your tights. You don’t want it on your skin. Instead use a recipe we discovered, it is highly effective and totally natural. Its on our article Here.


Slap on the sun cream. Or should you? Take a look at the ingredients list and its full of chemicals, some of them known carcinogens. Over the past 30 years sun cream use has increased to the point of being a normality. Skin cancer rates have also exploded during this time. Linked? Who knows but its something to be aware of. We keep it to a minimum, once or twice daily, just enough to not burn. Healthy organic versions are available, if a little pricey. If I had kids I wouldn’t use anything else on them. Organic Suncream on amazon.

If you do end up burnt then rather than use a ‘aftersun’ we recommend that you use a moisturiser based on something natural like coconut oil or pure Aloe Vera gel.

Avoiding ‘Deli Belly’

You can reduce your chances of getting violent diarrhoea abroad by choosing carefully what you eat and where you eat. Also, you can vastly improve your odds if your gut flora is healthy. Before you go and during your time away we recommend you take a good probiotic. Products like Yakult from supermarkets are just fine but inconvenient to take away with you. We use and recommend

Biocult tablets. They are a Scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formula containing 14 live bacterial cultures. Don’t underestimate them, they will improve your health in many ways. Buy them here.


This truly staggering spice used in most curries is amongst the most medically useful plants on Earth. The list of properties and uses could fill an article and new ones are being found all the time. We take it everyday, home or away. We recommend everyone does. It does everything from destroying cancer cells and lowering blood pressure to improving liver function (great if you drink alcohol). It’s anti inflammatory properties are greater than that of Ibuprofen. The list of incredible things it does is ridiculously long. Research it, you owe it to your body and yourself. We take raw powder on a spoon, which is cheap but unpleasant and impracticable for travel. Can be bought in capsule form here.

Oregano oil

Natures most powerful antibiotic. High power in a tiny little bottle. Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antioxidant, Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Inflammatory and they are just the ‘A’s’. If you are ill in any way, chances are it will help you. A real ‘cure all’ essential in the rucksack or suitcase of any traveller. Buy it here.


Essential to the body and 95% of people are deficient in it. Taken orally and applied topically. It regulates the metabolism, boosts the immune system, removes toxins and prevents cancer. The most useful property to the traveller is that it is the most anti-fungal agent known to man and will instantly sterilise any wound. We use this one.

Sterilising your hands

Many people carry alcohol gel to use when you cant wash your hands. Many people don’t know how toxic it can be. Not the gel itself, it is the fact that until it completely evaporates your skin is far more prone to absorbing chemicals from things you touch. The worst of which is any plastic that contains BPA, and that is most of them. Receipts are the worst, the reason the ink does not have to dry is the paper is coated in toxic BPA as a fixer. Really you should not handle them at all but alcohol gel increases the amount absorbed by thousands of percent. Instead, use a couple of drops of Tea tree oil, it is just as effective, lasts longer and is completely natural. Click here to buy the one we use from amazon.


Being stuck in aluminium tube with toxic air and hundreds of people coughing and spluttering is not the healthiest way to start a trip. The cabin air is recycled from the engines and is full of nasties, your fellow passengers have got god knows what and then there’s the toilet. You really don’t want to know what’s gone on on that chair your sitting on or that tray. What’s needed is a damn good boost to the immune system and Vitamin C is what’s going to do it. The official recommended dose is 100 milligrams a day but much research has shown this not to be enough. I take 6 grams a day every day, that’s 60 times the recommended dose. When ill, I have taken 80 grams a day, that’s 800 times the recommended dose. This is called ‘megadosing’ Again, do your research. Vitamin C taken in sufficient quantities will protect you from just about anything, and get rid of just about anything. Use it to your advantage. We like this brand here.

The big Pharmaceutical companies

The pharmaceutical companies exist for one reason only. To make vast, vast amounts of money. They care nothing for your health, if they did they would not sell drugs at a price that makes them 100000% profit, prices that people who need them can’t afford. They would come clean on the truth about cancer – that it can be cured in many different ways, none of which they can make any money out of. If they cared they would educate you in plant medicine, not give you synthetic pills that attempt to copy the properties of plants and that have several wild and nasty side effects. They would not put mercury, squaline and formaldehyde in vaccines. They don’t care about you, only your money. If you are healthy then you don’t need drugs and that is bad for their business. They need you to be sick, unwell and ignorant and what a job they have done. They bribe doctors to put more people on their drugs, and send them to ‘training sessions’ in the Caribbean. They will create a drug and then invent the condition that it is to treat. They are an immoral disgrace and a scourge upon humanity. Make them an irrelevancy in your life and learn how to treat yourself with real medicine – natures best.

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