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Top 6 things to do on The Yorkshire Coast

Hayburn Wyke, Cleveland Way - Top 6 Yorkshire Coast

Hayburn Wyke, Cleveland Way

1.The Cleveland Way Is a long distance walking route that meanders its way from Helmsley to Filey, taking in the Spectacular Yorkshire coast as well as the lonely but beautiful moorlands. The 109 mile long trail does not only take in stunning scenery but many ancient wonders too, from mysterious stone crosses and venerable abbeys to majestic castles and traditional fishing villages. It is very easy to walk just a small section of the trail, and most people choose to enjoy it this way. If you only have a day or two, we would suggest wandering the Northern coastal part, somewhere between Robin hoods bay and Staithes. This Section is the most beautiful, but also busiest section of the path, the southern coastal route being more agricultural but generally quieter.

Cleveland Way- Top 6 Yorkshire Coast

Cleveland Way

2.Visit Scarborough Scarborough has a North bay and a South bay, with the castle sitting proudly between the two. The two bays could not be more different, the South side being brimming with games arcades, candy floss, hot dogs and a melange of general tat. The north bay could not be more different with its miniature railway, pastel beach huts and more relaxed vibe. Peasholm park is on the north side and it is simply a delight, restored in 2007 to its Japanese themed glory, a gigantic pagoda stands sentiment over the boating lake, which regular hold re enactments of maritime battles complete with fireworks. The Rotunda museum reminds one of a giant pepper pot, but contains an excellent collection of fossils and dinosaur footprints found along the coast and for £3 entry for a years access, it makes it a must do attraction.

Peasholm Park, Scarborough - nomadic life guide

Peasholm Park from the back of a dragon pedalo

Scarborough - nomadic life guide

Scarbough north bay with sea life centre in forground

3.Visit Whitby Whitby’s title of “the jewel of the Yorkshire coast” is well deserved. This age old fishing town boasts a host of interesting things to do and see. The abbey stands above the town like some menacing gothic beast, its easy to imagine how Bram Stoker dreamt up Dracula here. The narrow cobbled streets and yards summon tourists by the million, some for the Gothic festival that occurs twice a year, others simply to sample the legendary fish and chips whilst sat on a bench by the harbour. Whitby has something for everyone.

Whitby Abbey- Top 6 Yorkshire Coast

Whitby Abbey

4.Go fossil hunting Many flock to Dorset hoping to find their very own dinosaur but I will tell you a secret. You are FAR more likely to find fossils in Yorkshire. Dinosaur bones are regularly found here but you are far more likely to find curly shelled ammonites. Armed with a hammer, chisel and our how to guide, you’re sure to go home with some finds.

Ammonite fossil - Top 6 Yorkshire Coast

Ammonite fossil

5.Visit Staithes This traffic free special little village might have you thinking that you are in Cornwall. Indeed, it attracts artists from far and wide wanting to paint its narrow streets meandering eccentrically up the hill from the harbour. Captain James Cook once called this village home and it was one of the busiest harbours on the coast, with its fishing and mineral industries exporting jet, iron alum and potash.

Staithes - nomadic life guide


6.Cycle the ‘cinder track’ The old railway line between Scarbourgh and Whitby closed in the 1960’s, and now provides a safe off-road route for cyclists and walkers to enjoy for free all year round. It gets its name from the furnace ‘cinders’ that were used to construct it and some of the stations have been repurposed, like the one at cloughton which is now a little tea room, or the one at Hawkster which now has an excellent bike rental facility, and the chance to holiday in an antique railway carriage! (

Cinder Trail, Yorkshire - nomadic life guide

Cinder Trail, Yorkshire