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Vango Helix 300 Tent Review

Testing Ground: The West Highland Way, Scotland

The Helix 300 is Designed to sleep three but is far more suitable for two and their equipment, it seemed the perfect tent for us to use whilst walking Scotlands West Highland Way.

One of the reasons we chose this tent is the very reasonable pack weight. It is just 2.5kg, and for a three person tent that is very impressive. A simple two pole arrangement makes for very quick and easy pitching, the Helix can be put up in less than five minutes.

Performance Now the trouble begins, and quite frankly I don’t know where to start.

Breathabilty. Two vents on the front of the tent are all there is to keep you from condensating up and this is not enough. Every morning the innner was SOAKING WET with condensation. We believe all that it would take to fix this problem is another vent on the back of the tent so that there is some airflow through it, alas Vango decided not to fit one however.

Waterproof? No, not at all. It is all but impossible to prevent the inner tent coming into contact with the outer. Even a light breeze will push the two together meaning when its raining outside, the rain will come inside. We woke with wet sleeping bags on more than one morning after just light rain.

Size. Three person tent, two people, 5’6 and 5’10. The sleeping area is not long enough. Our feet were constantly pushing against the bottom of the tent.

Design You cannot, no matter how hard you try, open the door when it is raining without shedding all of the water that has collected on the door inside the sleeping area.

Porch So small as to be almost pointless. Two pairs of boots and that’s your lot. They got wet too.

Conclusion The worst piece of kit we have ever used. Disgraceful from a company like Vango who can usually be relied upon for their quality and value. Poor design, poor execution, terrible performance. Do not buy one, I would rather have a pop tent.

Performance 1/10

Design 1/10

Value for money 1/10

Overall rating 1/10, Lowest possible Score. Withdraw it from the market Vango!

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