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Vango Pico walking pole review

When it comes to hiking steep terrain or carrying a massive pack, hiking poles are definitely your best friend. They make steep descents and muddy terrain much easier and more importantly safer, you are far less likely to take a trip, slip or twist an ankle with one or two solid ‘outriggers’ keeping you stable.

When it comes to outdoor equipment a higher price usually means better quality, Vango Pico poles occupy the extreme bottom end of the price scale and so maybe we shouldn’t expect much. Lets see.

We have had Pico poles for well over a year, we first bought them on the Isle of Skye after particularly heavy rain turned every trail into a swamp, and they have been well used since so durability is definitely not a concern. They feel solid and well made, the 6061 alloy shafts do not bend under pressure, the quicklock closures do not allow the separate telescopic poles to slip or move even in tough conditions. In fact they are FAR superior to the twist-lock poles that we have had in the past, quicklock can be easily manipulated with gloves on and is far less likely to jam or break.

Vango Pico walking pole - nomadic life guide

The contoured foam handle fits beautifully in your hand and provides superb grip and comfort, only after very prolonged use is any discomfort experienced. Nylon wrist straps are provided, they are fully adjustable and the fastener holds secure.

There is no shock absorption on this model, which for me is better. I do not like the bounce effect given by shock absorbing poles, or the extra weight that comes with them. The Tungsten tip gives good grip and durability and a rubber cap is also provided.

Each Pico pole weighs 268grams. Not heavy then.

In conclusion, we absolutely cannot see why anyone would need to spend any more on poles. These are absolutely brilliant quality at a brilliant price. We will be taking ours when we walk the 2200mile Appalachian trail, I think that says it all. Quality does come cheap it seems.

Performance 10/10

Design 10/10

Value for money 10/10

Overall rating 10/10 almost unbelievable value.

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